“I’ll stand with you” semi-finalist in the Mindfield Film festival Albuquerque.

We are thrilled to announce that “I’ll stand with you”, written and directed by Matt Norman and produced by Matt Norman and Nova Peris, with the assistance of Sports Victoria is a semi-finalist in the 2021 bi-monthly MindField Film festival in Albuquerque. Matt Norman is also up for Best Narration.

We are thrilled that this important message is getting the attention it deserves. Both Nova and I are really excited to see this film being shown around the World. The film has also been submitted to several other festivals which we’ll let you know any outcomes as they come in. It’s a simple message…. “I’ll stand with you”, no matter the colour of your skin, your religious or sexual beliefs.. Use this film to spread the word that we need to stand up for each other. It’s that simple.

I will post an update if the film wins or if I take out the Narrator award. That would certainly be a new one for me.

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