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Wingman Pictures International first started in around 1996 as “The Actors Cafe”. Since that time it has changed it’s name to Wingman Pictures and then more recently Wingman Pictures International, due mostly to its new International outlook on projects.

The company is the brain child of International award winning filmmaker Matt Norman, who has spent the last 20 years forging a great reputation in the local and International film industry. Matt’s career started out as an Actor where he trained at the National Theatre Drama School. His television credits include Neighbours, Stingers, Blue Heelers, Sea Change, Corelli, Janus and many others. His feature film acting credits include The Bank, Ghost Rider (alongside Nicolas Cage) and Moby Dick (with Patrick Stewart, Gregory Peck, Ted Levine and Henry Thomas).

Matt moved away from acting to pursue a filmmaking career back in the early 2000’s. Each of his several films completed as writer, director and producer have gained him International awards for his work. His most recent and most successful film to date is “Salute”, a full feature length documentary film about his famous Uncle Peter Norman ( This film played around the World in Cinema’s and was distributed through the likes of Paramount Pictures, Transmission Films and Warner Bros.

Salute is the Story of Peter Norman, the Australian Olympic 200m Silver Medalist at the Mexico City Olympics. Peter’s support for fellow athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos put Peter Norman’s name in the history books not only for his incredible ability on the track but his support for civil and human rights off the track. 

During these Olympics Peter wore the Olympic Project For Human Rights badge in support of Tommie Smith and John Carlos who protested against the way African American’s had been treated in their country. This film examines the aftermath of what happened to all three men and continues today as the leading historical record of the true events that took place in 1968.

The film was responsible for The Australian Government to make an official Apology to Peter Norman and his family for the way he was treated after 1968 and continues to educate other activists around the World to be like Peter Norman. Next on the cards for this story is Peter Norman’s official biography being written by Matt Norman as well as a Hollywood film about his life. Check our news section for any updates.

Salute can be purchased here:

Matt Norman’s other film projects which include a Short Feature called “The Writer” starring Kim Gyngell, Rob Carlton, Mel Butel and Krista Vendy played in Japanese Cinema’s as well as winning several International awards for the film and it’s cast and crew. Other film projects include “The Umbrella Men” starring Blue Heelers star Damien Walsh-Howling and Neighbours star Benji McNair also had great success in Film festivals around the World as well as being screened as part of the “Tropfest – Best of the rest” program.

Wingman Pictures International is a company that builds on it’s reputation of using the best industry cast and crew to get the most of each project. With an incredible line up of Feature film and Documentary film projects currently in varying states of Development and Production, Wingman Pictures International will continue to follow a strong path of creative brilliance. Keep updated with all of our upcoming projects and news below.

If you’d like to get in contact with Matt Norman for any of your own projects please contact

Wingman Pictures International



CEO / Director / Producer / Writer / Editor / Author

Matt Norman has been working in the Film Industry in Australia for over 20 years. First starting out as a Professional Actor, training at National Theatre Drama School, Matt spent nearly 16 years on Australian Television, Theatre, Television Commercials, Short and Feature length films. Matt‘s Filmmaking career started in the early 2000s where he made his first film "All the king’s horses", a short feature starring John Flaus and John Brumpton.

Matt continued honing his craft with three more back to back Short Features, "The Writer" - Starring Kim Gyngell, Rob Carlton, Krista Vendy, Mel Butel, and John Flaus, "The Umbrella Men" (For Tropfest’s Best of the Rest) Starring Damien Walshe-Howling and Benji McNair, and "Shank" Starring Matt Norman and Rob Carlton.

Matt’s career then skyrocketed working up to his first Feature Length Documentary "Salute", which was distributed through Paramount Pictures, Transmission, and Warner Brothers. Over the past 5 Years Matt has also Co-Authored two books "A Race to Remember" and in 2018 "The Peter Norman Story" through Macmillan Publishing.

Matt then Executive Produced the American film "The Third Man" with Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Matthew Heineman for ESPN Films.

All of Matt’s film projects have Won Critical Acclaim at both local and International Film Festivals.

Matt’s biggest film project to date is "The fastest white man in the World", a feature film that will see Matt Norman debut as writer/director on this feature film project.



When we were brothers

Wingman Pictures International is proud to announce that we are in full development on the feature-length film "When we were brothers" (The Peter Norman story). This will be Matt Norman’s debut feature-length film as writer/director.

The film is based on Matt Norman’s International award-winning feature documentary "Salute" as well as the book "The Peter Norman Story". Please check out our news section for up to date news on the development of this amazing film project.


Director - Matt Norman
Writer - Matt Norman
Producer - Matt Norman
Executive Producer - Ian Hale
DOP - Geoffrey Hall
Composer - David Hirschfelder
Costume Designer - Marion Boyce
1st AD - Todd Embling
VFX Supervisor - Scott Zero
Re-Recording Mixer - Phil Heywood




Wingman Pictures International is proud to announce that we are in full development on the feature-length film "SHACKLE".

SHACKLE is set in the 1950s in an institute for the criminally insane. Jonathan is sentenced to life in an asylum for murdering his own mother. Jonathan is released early when his father (on his deathbed) admits to the crime. Things aren’t exactly what they seem.


Steve Le Marquand - Ronny
Jason Gann - William
Myles Pollard - Dr. Hepworth
Pippa Grandison - Eadie

What we do

We believe in doing small to large projects with a high level of skill. We only hire the best people for the job, and can cater to any budget, big or small.

If you’d like to discuss a project or concept you’ve got in the pipeline, we’d love to talk to you. We’ve worked on many projects for many people and we’ve always delivered the best outcomes on budget and on time.

  • Feature Films

    WPI is currently in varying states of Development on several feature length films.

  • Documentary Films

    We are always looking to make stories about things that happen in our community and around Australia.

  • Short Films / Music Videos

    Here at WPI we are always looking to make short films and music videos. Get in contact if you’re interested.

  • Commercials / Corporate Videos

    At WPI we have made a number of TVC’s and Corporate Videos.


Over the years we have managed to receive great opportunities to be interviewed on different television shows, radio shows and had some time in the spotlight to promote our productions.

With so many new projects in the mix we’ll update these fun pics when we can. We will also start documenting a lot more onset style pics so you can see what’s been going on behind the scenes on our film projects.


Some Reviews on our films:

Salute remains a riveting, eye-opening documentary that, like Norman himself, is undoubtedly worthy of more attention.

Director Matt Norman’s PBS-styled deconstruction and investigative reporting on the story behind the image through the lens that was Peter Norman infused a perspective seldom seen before.

***** 5 Stars

Director Matt Norman’s documentary is a powerful, eye-opening look at the trouble his uncle Peter Norman suffered after the Black Power salute at the 1968 games.

(Salute) A Masterpiece.!!

What a remarkable and inspiring story.

Salute is an engaging and well-paced mix of history lesson, sports drama and personal history.

100% Rating Tomato meter!

The IOC furthers its reputation for frigid pomposity in Matt Norman’s documentary about black-power-saluting athletes.

An affectionate and affecting tribute..

A powerful and poignant theme.

The film makes excellent use of archival footage and has a heartwarming, spirited atmosphere.

This wonderful humanitarian story — especially relevant on the eve of the Beijing Olympics — deserves to be told and it’s a bit of a surprise it hasn’t been told before, while Peter Norman was still alive.

On one level, it is a story of real idealism, the youthful sort that the Olympics are supposed to be about; on another, it’s about the corruption and betrayal of those ideals in the way the Olympics are actually run.

Powerful stuff, remembering what happened afterwards in America and Australia and also that dozens of Mexican protesters were killed by the police at the time.

A moving and worthwhile tale.

Fascinating, well constructed and extremely moving.

A comprehensive, well-structured deconstruction of an important sociopolitical moment.

A Valuable reminder of how athletes can take a courageous stand.