Matt Norman to start filmmakers YouTube Channel

For a very long time, I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for filmmakers. I have personally learned a lot from different YouTubers over the years and so I thought I could add my opinion and vast background as a filmmaker to the mix. Most of the YouTube channels I watch do awesome reviews of the different camera gear, lights, recorders, lenses, and film-making gear by giving all the technical data on this gear but don’t just give a simple perspective of how it can be used on a professional or indie film set. That’s where I would like to be different. I want to not only showcase the latest gear but also look at alternatives to the more expensive stuff out there.

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“Salute” a Matt Norman film, named in the RedBull Top 9 Australian Sports Documentary films of all time

What an incredible honour it is to have my film “SALUTE” recognised by RedBull at #5 of the Top 9 Australian Sports Documentary films of ALL TIME!!!

Steve Bastoni to play Tom Almi in The fastest white man in the World.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the very talented actor Steve Bastoni has joined the cast of The Fastest white man in the World, to play Peter Norman’s long time friend and old boss Tom Almi (The Butcher). Steve is a huge talent with a career spanning over 30 years in Television and film.

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Martin Sacks to play Peter Norman’s father George Norman

Very excited to announce that Martin Sacks has joined the cast of “The Fastest White man in the World” to play Peter Norman’s father George Norman. I am so excited by this. I have worked on Blue Heelers with Marty many years ago and his presence on screen is flawless. Having someone of Martin’s calibre playing such an important role in the film is so exiciting for everyone.

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Stella Cast & Crew Join the Peter Norman feature

It has been 12 years since the International award winning film “Salute” was released in Cinema’s around Australia and around the World. In that time we have focused our time on continuing the journey to tell Peter Norman’s story to a much bigger audience through the making of a feature film. Finally this year we got cracking on finding the right people to help tell this amazing story on screen. Part of making a film like this reach the most people is getting amazingly talented cast and crew. So i’d like to introduce you to some of these amazing creative people that have joined the team and who are excited to help create an amazing tribute to the late Peter Norman.

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Planning out 2020

At the start of each year we like to plan out the year ahead of time so that we can commit to certain projects that need our attention for completion. This year is a HUGE year at Wingman Pictures, with several film projects planned and some smaller projects in the making.

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