Matt Norman to start filmmakers YouTube Channel

For a very long time, I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for filmmakers. I have personally learned a lot from different YouTubers over the years and so I thought I could add my opinion and vast background as a filmmaker to the mix. Most of the YouTube channels I watch do awesome reviews of the different camera gear, lights, recorders, lenses, and film-making gear by giving all the technical data on this gear but don’t just give a simple perspective of how it can be used on a professional or indie film set. That’s where I would like to be different. I want to not only showcase the latest gear but also look at alternatives to the more expensive stuff out there.

This channel will also be a place to show behind the scenes of the films I’m making and a place to give advice to those just starting in the industry. My belief has always been to forget about film school and just go out there and make a film. You’ll soon realize how many mistakes can be made during your first few film shoots. This is the best place to learn. I have made many mistakes over my 20+ years in the industry and so I’d like to elaborate on those in the hope that new filmmakers don’t make the same mistakes I did.

My biggest passion is camera gear. As a photographer, ex-news cameraman, cinematographer, I love everything about cameras. Buying cameras without knowing exactly what they can do is the biggest pitfall of a new filmmaker’s career. Gear costs money. It’s important to listen to advice from those of us who have bought our gear over years of working on different film projects so that you are more informed on what’s out there and what’s important for different film jobs.

My new YouTube channel will feature the following:

  1. Camera reviews
  2. Camera Tutorials
  3. Film-making Tools
  4. Audio Gear
  5. Lenses
  6. Behind the scenes – making a feature film
  7. Behind the scenes – Corporate videos
  8. Lighting
  9. Script and Story
  10. Directing actors
  11. Producing for Indie filmmakers
  12. Interviews with fellow filmmakers
  13. Funding – State and Federal Government
  14. Funding – Crowdfunding
  15. Interviews with Cinematographers, Actors, Crew
  16. Budgeting
  17. Gear Reviews – Things that make life easier on set
  18. Sponsors

With so many things to discuss, I hope that people will subscribe to the channel to be informed and to get involved in the process as I use the platform to show how I make my directorial debut on a feature film “The fastest white man in the World”.

This will also be an opportunity to grow a community that helps each other. One of the fundamental things you need as a filmmaker are friends in the industry. People that share the same ‘want’ to make great films. This is the opportunity to share your own tips in the comments section. Help answer questions of those that ask. Be a part of the growth of our industry in a positive way.

I hope you will take this opportunity to subscribe to the new channel at

The plan is to start the channel up in the coming weeks so please like and subscribe and let people know that might be interested. I look forward to meeting you all there soon!

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