Chroma Media get onboard the Peter Norman film for Visual Effects

I’m thrilled to announce that Scott Zero and the team at Chroma Media have come on board as our Visual effects partners for the upcoming Peter Norman film “The fastest white man in the World”. As you can imagine with Covid hanging around the chances of shooting any of the Mexico City scenes in Mexico City are pretty much gone now so we needed a great visual effects company to do the heavy lifting for us.

Chroma Media is responsible for Visual Effects on some great films and Tv shows including Jungle, Romper Stomper, Danger Close, and the Whistleblower to name only a few.

One thing that stands out about Scott is his attitude toward indie productions. His attitude to get things done on time, on budget and as realistic as possible is awesome. He’s exactly who I’ve been looking for. Welcome guys and girls and I look forward to telling the story that I wanted to tell.

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