“BlackMob Heroes” goes into Pre-Production

Wingman Pictures International is proud to announce that Matt Norman’s new Feature length documentary “BlackMob Heroes” has gone into official development.

The film explores forgotten Aboriginal soldiers and trackers throughout Australia’s War history. We are currently looking for pictures, stories or contacts of any family whose relatives fought in any war as an Aboriginal soldier past and present. Please contact Matt at mattnorman@wingmanpictures.com

Written and Directed by Matt Norman and produced by Matt Norman, Nova Peris and Terrence Dewar.

We would also like to introduce Terrence Dewar into the team as a producer.

Terrence Dewar is an Australian based media executive who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from across different industries with 25 years in media, project design, marketing and tourism. He also specialises in historical forensic research.

Terrence depth of knowledge of Aboriginal culture is gained by the integral relationships he has forged with Aboriginal communities and groups whilst developing and delivering their historical content through media. He has a wealth of knowledge in global political science, economic and environment, business interests and trade.

His in-depth knowledge of archaeological and historical cultural history on many diverse subjects has helped to provide organisations to source correct and accurate information for use in film and media. Terrence is also founder and Chairman of the Australian Biome Project which was developed in 2018. An organisation dedicated to the action of global sustainability and conservation and maintains links to the oldest cultures in the world.

The organisation has been endorsed by the United Nations for its operational directives, projects, media management, frameworks, design and governance.

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