Actors Shane Emmett and Peter Flaherty join the cast of “The fastest white man in the World”

I have known Shane Emmett and Peter Flaherty for pretty much my entire filmmaking career. 20 years ago I made a few promises that I’d cast them in my first feature. Little did I know that would take 20 years. It’s cheeky because now they’re WAY BETTER actors but a promise is a promise. So yes I literally threatened them that they had to be part of the film. They will both be playing Coaches while Peter Norman was starting out in Athletics. This was a great opportunity to finally drag them into this kicking and screaming.

Shane Emmett is best known for nearly every commercial on television (I’m not joking), Terror Australis (Where he wrote and co-produced 15 episodes), Home and Away, Offspring, Rush and All Saints. He’s also the brother of the late and great actress Belinda Emmett.

Peter Flaherty is best known for his roles in The party bus, Choir Girl, The whistleblower, The legend of Ben Hall and Neighbours.

The old saying it’s who you know not what you know is true here. Finally we get to work together on such a wondering project. Can’t wait to work with you both.

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