Wingman Pictures goes 6K

WPI is proud to announce that starting next week we will be moving into the 6K world with a new addition to the Wingman Family. A Red Dragon 6k Camera.

With this amazing camera, Wingman Pictures will be in a position to start shooting many higher-end projects including TV Commercials, Larger Corporate films, Music Video’s and of course our slated Feature-length Documentary films and Feature films.

This is a huge start to the newly formed Wingman Pictures International and now allows us to get out there and shoot things and not have to worry about waiting to hire the camera and gear.

The Red Dragon has been used to shoot films like Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, Don’t Breath, and the Jason Bourne movies to name a few. We are so thrilled to have an opportunity to stretch our cinematic beauty with gear like this and it means we don’t need to compromise on quality in any of the projects we do from now on.

“It’s an incredible tool that will help us tell amazing stories, giving Wingman Pictures International the ability to propel it cinematically to the world stage.” Ian Hale states.

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