It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the new film by Matt Norman. “I’ll stand with you”.

“I’ll Stand With You” – a Matt Norman film

Vicsports new campaign for equality and human rights, is led by Nova Peris OAM OLY. We at Vicsport are inspired by the stance taken by the late Peter Norman OLY at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, we say #illstandwithyou.

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Kyodo News writer Hiroshi Harada has flown from Japan to Interview filmmaker Matt Norman with a story of Matt’s famous uncle Peter Norman. “It’s so nice to know that the Japanese people are finding interest in Peter’s story, 10 years after his passing”, Matt says. With the upcoming book “The Peter Norman story” soon to hit shelves around Australia, we hope that more people will learn Peter’s story of great sacrifice and friendship of his athletic brothers Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Matt Norman has been brought on to write, direct and produce a short film called “I’ll Stand With you”, to help facilitate discussion and resolution of racial injustice and tolerances in sport.  Read more

One of my all time favourite filmmakers is Steve McQueen (Hunger, Shame, 12 Years a slave). This is an interview he did after the World Premiere of Salute where the film gets a mention. This was incredible for me as such a huge fan. Take a look below. ps – if you haven’t seen any of Steve’s films then you’re missing out. Go check them out. POWERFUL!!


By Rosanna Greenstreet – The Guardian – 22 November 2008.

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The original anthem protest: How sport has changed since 1968

It is the silent protest which has turned into a global talking point.

The Ticket: Protest, Patriotism and Professionals in sport

In The Ticket Tracey Holmes wraps up the week in sport. This week:

If you’re one of those that think sport and politics shouldn’t mix, there’s a long list of politicians who claim they’re on your side; in the process putting politics right in the mix. Matt Norman speaks on a panel about Politics in Sport.

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