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At Wingman Pictures we don’t just make films but we edit, sell and distribute them as well. CEO of Wingman Pictures Matt Norman has many years experience shooting Television commercials, music video’s, short films and features. The key to our Workflow is to use the best people for the job and the best technology to make the budgets smaller.




Matt Norman’s was asked to help Beta Test one of the Worlds leading film industry software management programs “GORILLA 5.0″ by Jungle Software. “I started in this industry over 16 years ago and always used great industry management software for all of my Producing workflows to be precise, easy to build and understand, and user-friendly. I had always used Movie Magic as my preferred software until I was given the opportunity to work with the great people at Jungle Software testing their range of Budget and Scheduling programs. From that day on I have never looked back. Wingman Pictures runs exclusively using Jungle Software. What’s great is that we have a one-on-one relationship with the company and whenever we’ve had any questions the team at Jungle are very quick to respond. The most impressive point I should make is this… When Jungle Software was building GORILLA 5 as the flagship program bundle they built a basic shell program and then had several industry professionals start fully testing it. I couldn’t believe it when this company asked Producers for feedback and for requests of what is needed to make it the best. So naturally we lined up a list of things that would make it the best of the best and over the month those things were implemented. Now, it’s the one program that I can’t do without. A company that listens to its users is a company I’ll support for ever” (Matt Norman).




At present we are on our way to purchasing the new RED EPIC camera for the Cinematic films on our slate and we expect to use the EPIC to be camera we use on the film “1968”. However, we have chosen another camera to use on our documentary film projects that shoots at 4K with images unheard-of before. Our main workhorse will be the Canon EOS 1D C(cinema) DSLR. This camera is literally built for documentary filmmakers because it’s a DSLR so most people don’t even know your shooting a film with it and secondly because the incredible low light functionality of this camera means we don’t have to drag around massive light rigs to each shoot. Natural light becomes our best friend. We expect to take delivery of the 1D c late 2012.

Working with these kinds of Camera’s means that we’re really moving in the new direction of the film industry.

Hands down the quality of images that both camera’s make are exceptional and while the EPIC is used for Blockbuster style films it can still be used for low-budget as well. If that happens then the Canon EOS 1D c will be a second unit camera. Again, our greatest asset is the people we hire to make these films incredible. People like Marty Smith and Vincent Laforet are two DP’s we’ve got coming up in projects listed so both are top of the game kind of cinematographers.






We love Post production and our greatest assets are the people who we regularly work with as part of our post team. We also do a lot of in-house post work using the latest hardware and software including Final Cut Pro, ADOBE Master Suite CS6, Cinema4d, Maya, Smoke, Protools HD and many others.

We have built some amazing partnerships with sound and edit studio’s in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. These relationships are forged from professionalism, trust and respect for each others work. When we do sound we think big, we only use professionals as this area requires people who completely understand their job. Our Editors too are well versed in how to cut a good picture. At the end of the day, if it fails in post it FAILS. We only work with the very best.


To give you an idea of the types of companies we’ve worked with in the past for all of our pre-production, production, post production and sales, we stand by these companies:

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