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Title: “1968”
Status: “In Development”


Based on real events which took place in the year of 1968, when Politics and sport collided and the World went into Meltdown. Based on Matt Norman’s International Award winning Documentary ‘SALUTE’ about his famous uncle Peter Norman, 1968 is the Drama version of that documentary that still remains Matt’s “making of 1968” film.

Concept Cast:

Will Smith as Tommie Smith

Jamie Foxx as John Carlos

Ewan McGregor / Hugh Jackman as Peter Norman

Ed Harris as Payton Jordan

Geoffrey Rush as Ray Weinberg

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  • Frank Colosimo
    February 9, 2013 at 5:21 am

    I saw Peter Norman’s clip on the apology in Parliament, and to see Peter’s effort on tape for the first time is incredible. Ten more meters and he possibly could have won the gold. According to his book written by Matt, he was a quick finisher. The way he was treated however brought a tear to my eye for the magnitude of the wrong carried out against his honourable behaviour in supporting equality for all mankind, as we are all equal, and GOD does not create junk. Further to this as a former athlete myself, i know of the great sacrifice and incredible effort that goes to be in that highest order of fitness and exellence that Peter rose to and then to be treated so badly by so called people in such prestigeous positions (who should have known better) is almost unforgivable. The world does not seem to learn by horrendous mistakes such as this as governments, high officials and protectors of the people are still doing the very same today. Thanks matt for your loyalty to your uncle Peter and truth.
    Many blessings, Frank Colosimo.

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