Matt Norman of Wingman Pictures International has signed with two amazing Hollywood executives with the intention of getting the current Untitled Peter Norman feature film into production.


In 2008 Matt Norman’s International award winning documentary feature was released around the World with much success. The whole reason for the Documentary was to research Peter Norman’s story for the full feature film which Matt has been working on for nearly 10 years. Now finally, Matt has teamed up with two amazing executive’s/producers to move forward with development of this amazing story. More news will be posted in due course.

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  1. Francis (frank) Colosimo
    Francis (frank) Colosimo says:

    Matt. I always knew that there was something special about you, and I sincerely hope, that your success, is never ending. And to your beautiful wife Rebecca and children, your support in the ream is warranted and is important also. Remember our short friendship, when my family had our family home stolen by the anz bank, with the support of the dysfunctional fed. parliament, well, that shows your giving heart and I will never forget it. So remember John 3:16, most of all in the Holy Bible, which your uncle Peter would have uttered many, many times take it/him in, and then without a shadow of doubt, you will see your precious uncle again in the best environment that human words cannot describe. With love and blessings, Frank Colosimo.


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