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New Webpage and Direction

Since our operation from The Actors Cafe to Wingman Pictures we’ve had a number of major website changes and internal company changes to reflect the growth of the company and the films we represent to our audience. One of the big challenges was to build a web presence that ultimately became easy to use but also quick to get information out. Obviously we deal with entertainment so building a site that is completely social media friendly is the key to getting our message heard.

Wingman Pictures is a company that has shifted its focus after the incredible success of Matt Norman’s debut feature documentary Salute hit cinema’s across Australia, UK and USA in 2008 and more recently (finally) releasing in UK and USA in 2012. Our partners are the elite when it comes to cinema, DVD, cable and VOD release strategies. Our partners include Arrow Films, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Transmission, Odin’s Eye Entertainment, Itunes,, and many others.

The lessons learned through many, many years of constant knock-backs, or dealing with scrupulous operators has made Wingman Pictures the best it can be. It’s taught us the true meaning of dedication to make the films “WE” want to make without the added baggage that comes with dealing with those that don’t see film the same way we do. We love to collaborate. Now luckily we are settled working with amazing people who share the same vision, the complement to the company and how it works is proven in the results. From DP’s like Martin Smith, to Composers like David Hirschfelder, Ricky Edwards and Fiora. Distributors like Transmission, Paramount, Arrow Films and Warner Brothers. Executives like Michael Favelle (Odin’s Eye Entertainment) and facilities like Labsonics, Sound Firm and Digital Pictures. Our family at Wingman Pictures is now larger than ever before.

Days gone by that even thinking of speaking to distributors was like speaking to Angelina Jolie in the shower, now however we have a strong connection and great relationship with the distributors because after all, they are the link between our product and our audience.

We have committed ourselves to moving strongly into digital 4K shooting formats on new technology with great companies such as RED and Canon. We have forged new professional relationships with the industries best from all over the World and so expect a lot more from the company with technology leading our charge into the future.

CEO of Wingman Pictures, Matt Norman has also made some major steps in newer directions by starting his law degree at University. Eventually he wants to major in Human Rights law. This gives the company a much different outlook on the film projects we take by the horns.


We also have a number of feature films in Development. The first and most important film of my life and career is called “SCAB GIRL ASYLUM”, the true story of Sue Treweek. This story is so important that by educating our nation we’ll see more stories like this one emerge from the Institutions that housed forgotten Australians and or falsely caged children in Mental Asylums. We are in heavy development with the project.

Another film project that we’re currently in development on is “1968”. The follow-up drama version of the International Award winning documentary SALUTE. More details will come to light in the not so distant future.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. It’s been a long journey but our future looks very bright indeed.



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  • Luke Hasted
    September 18, 2012 at 3:46 am

    Hey fasinated by the Sue Treweek story. Would love to know when the film is out or if not finished would be intrested in getting involved in some way. Grew up in that area and have memories from the place when I was young. Had a couple of old aunts in the place that we vivited a couple of times, and used to spend time there riding our bike through as kids seen some sight I can tell you.

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