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New Film to highlight Racial equality in Sport and Society

Matt Norman has been brought on to write, direct and produce a short film called “I’ll Stand With you”, to help facilitate discussion and resolution of racial injustice and tolerances in sport. Commissioned by VICSPORT, the campaign will be used to highlight Peter Norman’s own stance in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics where he stood with fellow athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos during what is now known as the Black Power Salute. Peter’s support of their cause has now become highly regarded as a show of strength. His support shows us that we too can stand up against racial injustices and stand with those who are bullied, racially targeted or harassed.

The film is being written, directed and produced by Matt Norman of Wingman Pictures with VICSPORT’s and Olympic Gold Medalist Nova Peris also producing. Due for release mid October 2018.

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