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Matt Norman, CEO Of Wingman Pictures has long been an advocate for the Australian film industries success. However, over the 14 years in the industry Matt Norman has seen a lot of room for change. With his own personal experiences dealing with Funding bodies, Rogue Producers, Lazy Distributors and horrific Sales people. Fraud is very ripe in the Australian film industry so the plan was to be just, be better, be respectful and be honest.
By doing it the right way, the Australian film industry might have a shot at what it deserves.

Matt decided that Wingman Pictures would be the perfect antidote for an industry he sees as a complete failure. Matt Norman has now shifted his focus on international success. In 2010 Wingman Pictures expanded with three new offices opening up Internationally. Wingman Pictures also has a focus on bringing international productions to Australia through the many relationships forged across Europe and the United States.


If the Australian film industry wants to support the boys club and not the underdog then they can continue to swallow the same shit on film they’ve swallowed for years. Unless our industry starts building a new breed of filmmaker that dares to be different then no money in the World will make Australia a film friendly place. Just look at New Zealand!!! Some of the best independent films in the World come from NZ, Australian financiers just don’t get film because our funding bodies are too busy looking after their own to explore new media and new talent.

Unfortunately we have amazing talent in this country that just don’t get supported.

Even our biggest directors don’t get the support they should and it’s because there is a system at play that is not only criminal but also fraudulent and isn’t examined so these same old people get away with murder by film every year. They then stand around at film festivals wondering why their film was ripped from the screens after a couple of days as audiences don’t want to see these filmmakers repeating the same thing over and over.


As a filmmaker I want to make films that mean something. The scripts I write are made to tell a unique story of real people. Although I do like commercially viable films obviously as that is what makes money, I do however believe that we shouldn’t COPY other stories and re-hash them into our own.

I feel it my responsibility to show audiences how it really is. Make films that don’t just entertain but also teach or make an audience think about issues. I love films that deal with Mental Illness, politics, injustice and the underdog. I love watching good comedy but will never make a comedy. So far all of my films have themes ranging from Fatherhood, family, mental illness, war, racism and injustice. Whether making a film on someone’s actual life through documentary or as a drama it’s not the actual life story that gets people but the actual reality of life that makes audiences reflect on their own lives.

Love, life, death and reality are all important parts of grabbing the attention of audiences.

”Wouldn’t it be great to change the way our World is by making a film that sends a message?”. That’s how I want to be remembered. A film maker that MADE a difference not MADE a Billion dollars.

It’s not necessary to have car chases, guns, and big budget special effects to tell an effective story. We all love a good action flick but for me the special attention to detail in making the story humanistic is more important.




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