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Matt Norman, of Wingman Pictures International has long been an advocate for the Australian film industries success. However, over the 16 years in the industry Matt Norman has seen a lot of room for change. Australian movies need to be made with an International appeal. That’s what we hope to achieve here.

By doing it the right way, the Australian film industry and the people who work in it, should share the opportunity to grow. We have the greatest talent in the World and so now we need to pair that with the greatest untold stories as well.

Matt decided that Wingman Pictures International would be the perfect antidote for an industry he sees as one with amazing people and yet not enough fresh success. Matt Norman has now shifted his focus on international success.


As a filmmaker I want to make films that mean something. The scripts I write are made to tell a unique story of real people. Although I do like commercially viable films obviously as that is what makes money, I do however believe that we shouldn’t COPY other stories and re-hash them into our own.

 I feel it my responsibility to show audiences how it really is. Make films that don’t just entertain but also teach or make an audience think about issues. I love films that deal with Mental Illness, politics, injustice and the underdog. I love watching good comedy but will never make a comedy. So far all of my films have themes ranging from Fatherhood, family, mental illness, war, racism and injustice. Whether making a film on someone’s actual life through documentary or as a drama it’s not the actual life story that gets people but the actual reality of life that makes audiences reflect on their own lives.

Love, life, death and reality are all important parts of grabbing the attention of audiences.

”Wouldn’t it be great to change the way our World is by making a film that sends a message?”. That’s how I want to be remembered. A filmmaker that MADE a difference. 

It’s not necessary to have car chases, guns, and big budget special effects to tell an effective story. We all love a good action flick but for me the special attention to detail in making the story humanistic is more important.

I hope you’ll support our journey!




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